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About Us

Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best  services
About J. Lowe Diversified

In the beginning, the founder of J. Lowe Diversified Services, Inc. wanted to provide clients with a more efficient way to get documents notarized and executed.By assembling the best staff in the industry with over fifteen years experience, J. Lowe Diversified Services, Inc. is now able to provide services that suit clients needs in every aspect. We have a professional team of signing agents and notaries that provide the highest-level of professionalism and customer service.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative and excellent practical services, while saving our customers time and money, simultaneously, providing the best methods possible for the correct execution of documents. J. Lowe Diversified Services, Inc. top priority is our clients and their customers.During our day-to-day operations we pull out all the stops to make sure:

  • We treat our clients, staff members and signing agents/notaries with utmost respect.

  • We maintain a professional image at all times.

  • We provide expedient response time to all inquiries.

  • We maintain a reputable reputation as one of the best in the industry.

  • We perform all duties with honesty and integrity.

Originally, the goal was to cover Florida with the elitist of agents. Today we are Nationwide providing services for hundreds of lenders and title companies.

Additionally we provide service to law firms, film companies and many others. J. Lowe Diversified Services, Inc. have become one of the most used companies in the industry through out the United States.

Our reputation is synonymous with integrity. Our clients and signing agents/notaries see us as a thoughtful organization that is supportive and willing to go the extra mile.

We invest in our staff and believe that their involvement and commitment to the mission is the foundation of our success.

For this reason, we will continue to maintain our values and ethics that will exceed the expectations of our clients and staff members.

Our clients recognize our values and outstanding service to get the job done.

Equally, we at J. Lowe Diversified Services, Inc. value our client’s loyalty and satisfaction. Therefore, that is why throughout the test of a competitive industry we will prevail.

Certified Mediator 

We practice in the field of commercial litigation, including complex contract, real estate, construction, employment, and business tort disputes and the list goes on. Certified by the Florida Supreme Court to conduct Professional county mediations we have an office that can be used to conduct mediations.  In today's every changing industry we can conduct teleconference mediations through the Zoom platform at no additional charge to the parties.

How To Increase Productivity and Profitability?

Client Relations

When you use our services it allows you more time to focus on client relations.  Therefore, giving you the time needed to build your productivity and profits.  This will also free up your staff and allow for more time on relationship building and quality control. Our goal is to make sure everyone comes out satisfied and looking good. 


It takes a lot of time following up with third parties regarding the various issues that might arise. We will handle that for you.  Most questions we can handle internally.  In the event we need to clarify questions with you, you can feel confident and assured that you only have to deal with one office instead of numerous unnecessary and timely calls from hundreds of other parties. Additionally, we have state of the art software that you as the client can review in live time all communication for our notary closing services.

Don’t spend unnecessary cost and time trying to find a qualified notary.  We have over 22 years of experience in vetting the right notary so you don’t have to.  Eliminate the overhead and stress that is associated with these additional tasks.  Let our qualified team handle this task, so you can spend more time focusing on closing orders.  Additionally if you need a mediator we can handle that for you as well and save you the headache of trying to find the best fit for your case.

On Call Afterhours Services

We always have a qualified staff member on call to handle after hours needs, including weekends.  Our qualified staff member has over 32 years in the industry and will handle these calls and problem solve issues, including calling the appropriate parties as needed to facilitate the customers’ needs and answer questions needed from the table.  This will help ensure a successful outcome. We believe in closing and negotiating the deal the first time.

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