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Signing Agents/Notaries

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Providing all our candidates with loyalty and long-term commitment.
Current Vacancies
Welcome Signing Agents and Notaries! 

We are always looking for qualified, friendly people to act as independent contractors. We have a great working relationship with our independent contractors. If you are professional, detail oriented, reliable and knowledgeable in document signings, then we will find work for you. 

The benefits of working with J. Lowe!


As an independent contractor, you are not an employee of J. Lowe Diversified Services, Inc. You can choose the assignments you want.

Rewards for excellent services:

We strive to reward our signing agents that provide excellent services.  We make every attempt to give you every closing in your area.  Unlike other companies you do not bid to get the orders if your services are get the orders! 

Working with caring and friendly people:

The staff of J. Lowe Diversified Services, Inc. is professional and personal. We treat all signing agents and notaries like people instead of like numbers. We welcome your inquiries and suggestions, because we are always looking for ways to improve. Additionally we realize the importance of working with a company where your voice is heard and everyone is pleasant.

To apply to join J. Lowe Diversified Services, Inc. please send your credentials to and fill out the registration form
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